Master-class on crocheting doily FERNANDA (ENG)

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The master-class video on crochet a doilie with a pattern - is given in PDF format in English (2 options in one MC) . Access the video master-class by clicking the link in a PDF document to the appropriate Playlist on YouTube.

The pattern in PDF format contains a description of the symbols and the very detailed description of the work with rows.

The master-class video (on each row) is in Russian, everything is shown clearly and demonstrably. I believe that even if you do not know Russian or English, you can understand and do everything right!

Example of a video master-class on my channel:

Author of the design and master class: Alla Chikalova / Alsma.Art

For Doilys:
1) White(A) – Limol uni (330 m in 50 gr), hook 1,5 mm. Consumption - 100 gr.
2) Yellow (B) – Astra (610 m in 100 gr), hook 1,5 mm. Consumption - 100 gr.
Finished size: 32 сm. Or other materials, at your discretion...


Have a nice crochet and easy eyelets!!!
Before purchasing this description, please read  and accept the following conditions and restrictions of using this description and the video masterclass:
- For personal use - this means you can knit this for yourself and as a gift, whomever you wish.
- For selling finished products in small quantities, no more than 3 pieces per month.
- When placing photos of the finished product in social networks and on other resources, be sure to indicate the author's name of the product and the name of the author itself - i.e. mine, it may look as follows: Alla Chikalova or "AlsmaCrochet-Art". Reference to the store - at will.
-It is forbidden to transmit, sell, publish anywhere this description and the video masterclass, as a whole and in parts.
-It is forbidden to record a video / photo masterclass on the making of this product and distribute it, both by publishing on various resources and by selling it.
-It is forbidden to use pictures of this product in commercial advertising.
-It is forbidden to translate this pattern into other languages ​​for the purpose of further distribution or sale of the translated pattern or the master class video. If you have translated the pattern for personal use, then this version applies all the assignments and restrictions of the original one.

I remind you that copyright in any country in the world is protected by law.

If you saw that someone is distributing this pattern or the master class video - please let me know in any convenient way! Thank you in advance!
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